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GDPR Auditing Services

Ensuring your organisations adherence to GDPR regulations is of utmost importance in any sector. At The Compliance Specialist we offer a comprehensive GDPR Compliance assessment that audits and evaluates any compliance efforts undertaken within your company to date.

How We Work

We collaborate closely with you and your staff to conduct a thorough review of all your business processes. This allows us to determine whether the appropriate controls are in place and ensure that your organisation meets GDPR requirements

Policy Framework

We review your existing data protection policy and any supporting policies, and, where necessary, we update or draft new policies to establish a robust GDPR Compliance Framework that aligns perfectly with your organisation.

Data Sharing and Processing Contracts;

Identifying the need for data sharing and processing contracts is crucial. We provide documentation and guidance in this area, ensuring you have the right contracts in place to maintain compliance

Website Compliance Review

A GDPR compliant website is essential in today’s digital landscape. We conduct  detailed website compliance reviews and provide you with valuable feedback on how to uphold GDPR standards on your website.

Why Choose Us? 

Using our GDPR Compliance Services, you gain access to the following benefits;

Comprehensive Compliant Report:

Receive a detailed report containing compliance feedback, which can be used to demonstrate your progress in GDPR Compliance to third parties, if required.

Tailored GDPR Action Plan

We develop a customised GDPR Action plan that outlines the necessary steps to close any gaps in compliance, ensuring you stay on the right track.

Updated/Drafted GDPR Compliance Policy Framework:

Walk away with an updated or freshly drafted GDPR compliance policy framework reflective of your organisation’s needs.

Ongoing Support:

Our ongoing support is there if required in further projects such as Data Processing Impact Assessments, Staff Training for GDPR and Data Protection Officer Services

Peace of mind:

Rest assured that you and your organisation are taking the right steps towards GDPR compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Take the first step: 

Achieve GDPR Compliance with confidence. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your organisation in meeting GDPR requirements effectively.


At The Compliance Specialist, compliance is not just a requirement; it's our passion. Let our expertise work with yours. Partner with us today and experience seamless compliance solutions tailored just for you.

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Ensure your firm remains compliant in a constantly evolving landscape.

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GDPR Audits

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Ensure Compliance with our expert GDPR Data Mapping and RoPA Assistance

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A crucial step in minimising risks

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GDPR Workshops for enhanced Data Protection Compliance

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Ensuring GDPR Compliance for your Business


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