GDPR Compliance Implementation Projects

GDPR Audits can work with your business to create GDPR policies and procedures specific to your industry.

Once we identify the areas in which your company needs to adapt to fit GDPR regulations, we can assist in implementing GDPR compliant policies, procedures, and protocols. We can assist with components of your GDPR implementation project or assist your business and staff through the whole process.

Audit Recommendations

Results from your audit may show gaps in your GDPR compliance plan– we can help close those gaps.

Human Resources

We can help ensure you are adhering to the appropriate data limitations required for your employee data.


From scanning temperatures to working from home, data protection has many touchpoints on the measures implemented as a result of Covid-19. We can help ensure your business is protected.

Marketing & Consent

Compliance implementation for marketing and consent can be confusing and may be holding you back. We can guide you through the dos and don’ts so that you can concentrate on the sales in confidence.

Policies, Procedures and Protocols

Let us look after drafting your GDPR compliant policies and procedures. We will take the time to ensure your staff are familiar with our plan through training programmes.

Data Subject Access Request

Access requests can take up time and resources – we can help make it a smooth process.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Every assessment is unique and your DPIA needs to reflect that. Not only will we design yours, but we will guide and challenge you through the processes of a DPIA.

Website Compliance

Website compliance can be overlooked but they are the front-window to your business. Our website compliance packages will ensure that you are adhering to the data protection and ePrivacy regulatory requirements.

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