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GDPR Training

GDPR Workshops for Enhanced Data Protection Compliance

Invest in GDPR training to safeguard against Data breaches whilst satisfying your obligations with the regulation.

Research has shown that a staggering 82% of Data Protection Breaches stem from human error. To ensure robust data protection measures, it is imperative to raise awareness through effective training. Our GDPR workshops offer comprehensive training that empowers your staff to understand and fulfil their obligations and responsibilities under GDPR, reducing the risk of costly breaches.

Moreover, demonstrating compliance and accountability to your clients and communities becomes a seamless process with our specialised training sessions.

Why choose our GDPR training workshops?

Tailored compliance training for your organisation
Our work with Local Enterprise Offices means we possess the expertise to develop customised GDPR workshops that perfectly align with your organisations unique requirements. Our experience in collaborating across diverse industries allows us to tailor the workshops to address specific sector needs, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Incorporating Compliance Audit Results
Our workshops go beyond the basics, as we incorporate the insights gained from your compliance audits to design highly targeted training sessions. By addressing the key focus areas identified in your audit, we equip your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to address potential vulnerabilities proactively.

Flexible training options
We understand the demands of modern businesses, which is why we offer both in-person and online GDPR training workshops. Online workshop recording are provided for your convenience, enabling easy access and future reference.

CPD Accreditation Opportunities
Our training courses may qualify for CDP (continuing professional development) for your industry. For more details regarding terms and conditions, please get in touch with us.

Explore our GDPR Training workshops

General Data Protection Awareness Workshop
This comprehensive introductory workshop familiarises participants with GDPR and its practical implications for businesses. Through interactive sessions, attendees gain a deeper understanding of the GDPR’s effects and its practical application.

Data Protection and Your Website Workshop
This interactive session focuses on the impact of data protection on digital business operations. We cover compliance measures related to websites, social media, and marketing communication, ensuring your organisation meets the required standards.

Data Breach Training Workshop
In the unfortunate event of a data breach, prompt and effective action is crucial. Our interactive workshop equips participants with the knowledge of managing data breaches efficiently. With specific notification requirements and tight deadlines, we focus on the compliance requirements to ensure that participants recognise a breach and understand the steps involved.

Data Subject Access Requests Training Workshop
Effectively managing data subject access requests is vital for GDPR compliance. This workshop guides your organisation through the process, ensuring you understand the necessary steps and scope of each request.

Training tailored to your needs
Can’t see what you are looking for here? Get in touch and we can create a workshop that focusses on your organisational needs


At The Compliance Specialist, compliance is not just a requirement; it's our passion. Let our expertise work with yours. Partner with us today and experience seamless compliance solutions tailored just for you.

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GDPR Training

GDPR Workshops for enhanced Data Protection Compliance

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