Why Invest in GDPR Training?

Research shows that human error is responsible for 82% of Data Protection Breaches. Raising awareness through GDPR training will ensure that your staff understand and are aware of their obligations and responsibilities under GDPR. Training can also demonstrate compliance and accountability.

Why Choose Us?

We can develop a GDPR training workshop that is tailored to your organisations needs.

As a registered mentor and trainer with the Local Enterprise Offices network. Margaret has the skills and expertise to provide a variety of compliance training.

Because we work with different industries we can adapt the workshops to focus on sector requirements.

Areas of focus highlighted from the results of a GDPR compliance audit can also be incorporated into a training workshop for your staff

Training is available online or in person and online workshop recordings can be provided for a limited time period for staff that can’t attend.

Our courses may be suitable for your CPD accreditation, please enquire for terms and conditions.

General Data Protection Awareness Training

This workshop is an introduction to GDPR and how it applies to an organisation. The interactive session will encourage participants to look at effects of the GPDR in a practical approach.

Data Protection and your website

This interactive workshop will allow participants gain an understanding on how data protection impacts on doing business digitally. It focuses on maintaining compliance with your website, all things social media and how to contact your clients correctly through marketing.

Contact us today to discuss the best option to suit your organisation.

Data Breach Training

This interactive workshop focuses on how to manage a breach should it happen in your organisation. With specific notification requirements and tight deadlines, we focus on the compliance requirements to ensure that participants recognise a breach and understand the steps involved.

Data Subject Access Request Training

How your organisation manages a data subject access request determines whether you comply with compliance requirements. This workshop focuses on the process involved and helps you ensure that your organisation knows what steps to take and understands what is within the scope of a request.

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